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Where Dessert Comes First!

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Our Mission is to create a welcoming atmosphere that brings our guests back again and again by making everyone feel like family.

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Ice Cream Cakes

Our Ice Cream Cakes are made in house with real ice cream - both soft serve and hard ice cream. Choose Chocolate or Vanilla for the outer layer and then whatever kind of ice cream you love for the middle! Cookies & Cream? Sure! Cotton Candy? You got it! Chocolate Peanut Butter? We can do that too! Inside you'll find a layer of Oreo cookie crunch and fudge too!

Baked Cakes

Choose Vanilla or Chocolate Cake decorated in your favourite design!

Come on in to Enjoy a Treat!
We make Pizzas too! 
Take & Bake - Large 14 inch - Restaurant Quality - High Quality Ingredients

Our Take & Bake Pizzas are prepared in store daily with high quality ingredients and are ready to be baked in your oven at home so you can enjoy a restaurant quality pizza at a fraction of the price. Daily selection available in store or call us to order! 


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Let's Talk about our Fudge Fundraising Program!

Our Fudge Fundraising program has been a big hit with dance studios, schools, hockey teams and more! Sell 1/2 pound boxes of our most popular flavours of fudge and receive $$$ on every box you sell! PLUS, we do the work so that your organization isn't left with anything to do. Submit your information and you'll get more information from our Fundraising Info package within 48 hours. 

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